Visual Fringe

The Arts Project, 203 Dundas Street

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  • Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 4, 7:00-9:00pm
  • Exhibit open, June 4-14, 2014, noon - 9:30pm

Visual Fringe

  • Kaaren Batten

    Oil on Canvas

  • David Beecroft


  • Ian Bruce

    Oil on Canvas

  • Debra Chantler

    Photo Art

  • Kim Kaitell

    Mixed Media

  • James Kemp

    AlvegoRoot Penn and Dennis Siren Watercolours and Videopoems

  • Maija Leipala


  • Paula Letheren


  • Cora Linden

    Mixed Media

  • Aaron Lozynsky

    Enamel Paint on Virola Board with Pine Frame

  • Mount Hope Artists

    Mixed Media

  • Richard Minns

    Mixed Media

  • Mary-Ellen Peavoy

    Mixed Media

  • Wendy Reid

    Acrylic Mixed Media

  • Naomi Reid

    Mixed Media

  • Trevor Ritchie


  • Walter Sayers

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • Andrea Schmidt

    Acrylic and Mixed Media

  • Nadia Silvestri

    Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas

  • Jennifer Squires

    Inspired Landscape Photography

  • Beth Stewart

    Coloured Pencil

  • Diana Tamblyn

    Pen and Ink

  • Lorena Torres Loaiza

    Ink on Paper

  • Jerry Vrabec

    Mixed Metal

  • Darien Fraher

    Fused Glass