Basic Idea

For one night London will come alive with contemporary arts activities, installations, interative art, film, sculpture, street theatre and music. The diversity of the art is unlimited. The event will start on June 4th at 7:00pm and run until 1:00am on June 5th.

Galleries, museums, laneways, sidewalks, alleys, parks can all become locations to engage audiences in a variety of artistic experiences. Unusual or forbidden spaces become sites of contemporary art open for all-night discovery and rediscovery. The audience is given free access to explore, discover, debate, and participate in contemporary art.

Participating artists will create installations, interactive art, film, sculpture, street theatre, music, anything that will encourage participation from audiences. The diversity of the art is unlimited.

Nuit Blanche is a free contemporary arts event.

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2016 Nuit Blanche Project Listing

1) Singing Tree - 472 Richmond Street

Toronto artist, Robert Taylor, creates The Singing Tree an installation piece for amplified tree. A series of acoustic sensors are placed on leaves and branches that –when affected by wind, touch etc. – play different sounds; morphed bird song, seashore sounds and other modified natural soundscapes. This piece is intended to be a commentary on the dwindling human connection with nature, and how urban space makes us lose touch with the natural world.

2) Unkle Collective – 387 Clarence Street

Your favorite Unkle returns to London with a pop up show of incredible local painting by Greg Benz, Adam Giroux, Bryan Jesney and Dan Tamborro.  #unklecollective; at Club Fringe, Featherbone Place, 387 Clarence Street, London, ON.

3) Visual Fringe - 203 Dundas Street

Based on a few simple concepts: artistic freedom for all artists (they can do what they want), participating artists decide the scope of the exhibit (we are a non-juried show), and artists keep 100% of all sales. So come out to the Arts Project and support local art and artists!

4) Illumination Station – 194 Dundas Street

For their first time at Nuit Blanche, London Public Library will use the projection of light to display words, images and videos on the Dundas streetscape. We invite you to participate in this collaborative project by adding your own content. We also invite you to discover our DIY projectors and learn how to create your own. We hope you will join us for an evening of imagination, illumination and creation!

5) Light Up the Night - 195 Dundas Street

Light up the night with the MakerBus and the Glow Riders. We will offer passersby an assortment of light up and glow-in-the-dark materials and allow people to paint with light in our long exposure photo booth. We will also be offering cyclists participating in the Glow Ride the chance to augment their rides with different glowing materials.

6) The Glow Ride - 195 Dundas Street

The Glow Riders want to have a moving, glowing, pumped-up bicycle rave and invite the public to join with their tripped out art bikes. A set list will be created and distributed to all participants to create a mobile sound stage. For playlist and route details:

7) London Fuse - 187 Dundas Street

Once again the Nuit Blanche will be photographed by LondonFuse at our ridiculously amazing FREE photo tent. Organizers, performers, artists, participants, and weirdos are encouraged to be captured by a LondonFuse photographer (solo or with a group) to be hosted on as well as immediately uploaded to our instagram account. Drama is encouraged.

8) Words on the Curb – Corner of Richmond and Dundas

London Poetry Slam is a monthly spoken word competition showcasing talented local and international performers in a diverse and welcoming setting. Bringing their words to the curb for Nuit Blanche, seasoned slam vets will hit the mic as well as welcoming any budding poets who wish to join in the fun. Come speak your truth & show the love with the London Poetry Slam!

9) Great Body of Water - 151 Dundas Street

A participatory performance art piece, explores the spirit of water. From the Thames River to the Great Lakes watershed, our water is worth celebrating. Inspired by the work to create a Great Lakes Commons, join the London Chapter of the Council of Canadians and various London artists for poetry, painting, sound and movement on water.

10) Core People – 137 Dundas Street

A group of students enrolled in the Photography program at Fanshawe College and recent grads will again be photographing participants of the festival, and making prints on site. These are “street portraits” and the prints will be made available to those that have been photographed. Backdrops could be various walls, stores, signs, or just the middle of the street! A Facebook Page will be created where participants can view their images after the event. This will be a collection of portraits from the beginning to the end of the festival.

11) Quantum Cognition – 146 Dundas Street

The seed of an idea, germinating from concept to creation. A showcase demonstration of the life of an idea, from initial inception through its evolution to full manifestation. A catalyst triggers dormant energy, setting in motion a series of interconnected events as the structure unfolds and forms take shapes as if they were always there to begin with.

12) The Spotless Mind EP - 129 Dundas Street

A collaborative work with a variety of different art forms. All the songs recorded on the EP have been combined with POESY's second love - writing. Stories were written to explain the meaning/events behind each song on the EP and then those stories were given to separate artists (none of whom had heard the tracks) who were instructed to draw the first thing they felt after reading the story. Watch POESY perform new original music off her EP and admire the artwork to go with it!

13) Abundance of Gold - 122 Dundas Street

Toronto artist, Paddy Leung, brings her paper art to the city of London. 
The Chinese language is filled with visual puns, visual and audio homonyms, and other eye and ear tricks. In Mandarin, the character for "goldfish" sounds identical to the characters which mean abundance of gold. Goldfish are thought to represent humble wish for good luck and good health. “Abundance of Gold” creates a visual interpretation of these Chinese traditions through Western pop culture images of giant paper Moor Goldfishes.

14) DNA Artspace - 123 Dundas Street

Negative Rake showcases works by Patrick Cull that sidestep industrial production and underline the handmade. Each piece starts with an underlying matrix of woodblock prints on raw canvas. Layers of acrylic and oil paint are then applied, obscuring sections of this printed grid to create a field of angular shapes. This slow meandering system of filling in, covering up, and redacting, resembles various environmental and social processes. Similar to the stages of forest succession, or the transformation of a rural town into a city, these paintings evolve through a dynamic relationship between sedimentation and excavation.

15) Forest City Gallery & DNA Artspace Collaboration – 123 Dundas Street

DNA Artspace and Forest City Gallery are pleased to present a pop-up exhibition and collage project by London-based artist Sarah Munro. Taking place on the second floor of DNA Artspace, alongside an exhibition by Patrick Cull on the main floor, Sarah Munro's project will include a participatory collage project in which the public is invited to contribute and create. The collaborative collaged works will be displayed at Forest City Gallery's AGM in September.

16) Satellite Project Space – 121 Dundas Street

ARTS & REC - Art has work to do.  Come see Western University's sculpture students explore art's job in public space.  Croquet mallets will be provided.

17) Phantom Impressions – Corner of Talbot and Dundas

Print London’s glow-in-the-dark Phantom Impressions project will invite the public to join in printing the foot/ hoof/ paw/ hand prints of the ghostly creatures who inhabit London’s past and future. Participants in this performative printing event can ink their own relief blocks, strap them onto their feet and hands, and follow our instructions to leave their spectral traces on the city’s pavements.

18) #OMGROBOTS – Corner of Ridout and Dundas

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! Hosted by FIRST Robotics Team 4525 this tech-art-fusion installation is being created live by student designed & built robots! Come immerse yourself in Virtual Reality, take a selfie with a 13' cardboard robot sculpture and watch real robots realize their artistic vision!

19) Live Painting Project – Corner of Covent Market Place and Talbot Street

London artist, Nic DeGroot will paint original acrylic landscape paintings, explaining his process and techniques, and answering questions. He will paint a new painting each hour. He times his work to capture the spontaneity of the paint marks and paints in a symbolic expressionist style and uses landscape painting to introduce people to artistic abstraction. Nic wants new art viewers to experience the impact of rapid acrylic knife painting outside the gallery and the museum.

20) Audioforge – Covent Garden Market Square

The forging of two distinctive forms, music and sculpture, creating working soundscapes that defy the eyes and ears. All is malleable in this world: shapes sounds and attitudes. This year Audioforge will be making hand drawn poppies as part of the Ypres WW1 Cenotaph going up in Belgium later this year.

21) Hammer & Hardie Community Mosaics – Corner of King and Talbot

Jenny May invites attendees to participate in the creation of a community mosaic that will become a part of the East London Vibe. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn. Materials will include coloured tiles, glass tiles, mirror, stained glass, smalti, china, beads, vintage jewelry and whatever else may be available. Feel free to donate items, like marbles, pennies, coloured glass, beads, jewelry, broken pottery china dishes and small figurines (chipped, cracked and broken are fine).

Music – Down Covent Garden Market Pedestrian Lane (between Dundas and Covent Market Place)

22) Wormwood

An electro-acoustic duo comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Christina Willatt and multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Wenaus. The impetus for the group stems from the members’ ambivalence towards paradoxical conflations in contemporary pop culture: mystery and bluntness, simplicity and chaos, pleasure and angst, responsibility and fantasy, equality and the haunting of celebrity. The result is a combination of melodic lyricism with bursts of rapid-fire rhythmic precision.

23) Fun Fact

Formed in the crucible of a sweater vest. Three musicians came together as one unit, to become Fun Fact! Mixing both rock and funk together, they have created a smooth infectious sound, which will have you up on your feet and losing control in no time flat. Made up of the mad vocal and crunchy guitar styling of Mr. Justin, The smooth drums of Mr. Kelly and the funky bass of Mr. Alex, these vest wearing funk rockers will leave you loving the funk.

24) Old East

Old East is an Indie-Rock project that was started by Bradon Dougherty in the Spring of 2015. The lineup was completed with James Brown, Nolan Peake, & Gabe Beneteau. Old East is a new projection of rock n' roll with a dedication to groove and a hard hitting back beat. See a show to hear for yourself.

25) Dau & The Best of Brazil

A full Brazilian Music Experience. Bossa Nova, Samba and Latin jazz elements. A set of original compositions mixed with Brazilian music classics!